Here’s The 3 Finalists For The Airborne’s New Droppable Infantry Squad Vehicle

first published on October 14, 2019 by

The US Army has narrowed down their search for the Airborne’s new droppable infantry squad vehicle (ISV) to three finalists, and here they are.

The intended outcome of the competition will be to field the Airborne with a light and capable vehicle that can be airdropped with troops. The vehicle must be able to carry a nine man squad and their gear quickly off the drop zone and to their objective, whether it be an airfield, bridge, etc.

Flyer ISV offered by Oshkosh-Flyer Defense: Capable of carrying 5,000 pounds. Has roll bars and various equipment mounts. Oshkosh-Flyer already produces multiple vehicles already in use by infantry and Spec Ops units.

General Motors Defense ISV – is actually a modified Chevy Colorado pickup truck with a ZR2 off-road suspension. Much of the vehicle is made of ubiquitous (and therefore cost effective) commercial parts. GM’s offering is capable of hauling 3,200 pounds.

Polaris DAGOR – made by a company well-known for off-roading work and recreational vehicles. The DAGOR is powered by an extremely efficient turbo diesel engine that can range 500 miles on a single tank of fuel and has a 4,000 pound load capacity. Reportedly, the DAGOR is already in service by the 82nd Airborne and other undisclosed SOF units.

The following video provides more information on each of the finalists.


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