Army Is Developing Adaptive OpFor Avatars That Learn Your Tactics

first published on September 1, 2019 by

The US Army is using Microsoft’s Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) to develop adaptive opposing force avatars that will change its tactics based on your standard operating procedures, so you never face the same training situation twice.


The augmented reality training system uses an advanced set of glasses called a HoloLens that displays a simulated combat environment with an ever-changing artificial intelligence opposing force that learns and adapts to the unit using it.

Any place any time can be transformed into a simulated high threat training environment. Squad or platoon level leaders will use the IVAS hardware to scan a room or building before the training exercise, and the software will automatically generate a unique situation for the unit to encounter and overcome.

Unlike many static training exercises and MOUT shoot houses where the partaking units memorize the limited amount of obstacles and predetermined targets, the IVAS presents the soldiers with a new scenario each time that has now adapted to the tactics used in the previous cycles.

Earlier this year, some Microsoft employees condemned the company’s $479 million contract with the Army that would provide the HoloLens system which will be used in training as well as combat situations.


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