US Army Esports Team To Go Operational In October

first published on August 23, 2019 by

The question “Is Call Of Duty just like the real military?” just got less dumb now that the US Army has launched an official esports team that will go operational Oct 1, 2019.


The team consists of 16 soldiers stationed at Ft. Knox and will be led by SGT Jones, a soldier that has been organizing video game competitions for fun across various Army installations throughout his entire career.

The Army esports team was launched as a recruiting tool to build the force by reaching out to a massive demographic of military aged potential enlistees. Many civilian gamers have misconceptions of what the military is like and don’t realize that barracks and deployment life consists of LAN parties and video games when not on duty. Not only that, gamers develop split second decision making, hand eye coordination, and teamwork, traits that make great soldiers.

The team will be participating in various gaming tournaments and competitions for titles like Call Of Duty, Fortnite, and League of Legends.

Back in March, Jones’ Army crew hosted an exhibition tournament in Boston that was open to the public. They absolutely dominated the civilians that showed up, and likely drummed up interest in the Army life.

So while Call Of Duty isn’t actually anything like the suck fest that is real combat, gaming is, and always has been, deeply rooted in Army culture. Much like the various team building courses that are physical in nature, gaming builds camaraderie and develops meaningful interpersonal relationships that translate to unit cohesion on and off the battlefield.

It’s almost silly to think that the Army launching an esports team is only just now taking place, especially for how many post-wide Halo and COD tournaments have taken place over the years.


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