US Army Begins Fielding Israeli Trophy Active Protection System On Tanks

first published on October 23, 2019 by

The US Army has begun receiving the Israeli-made Trophy Active Protection System that will be fitted on tanks and other armored vehicles to better protect against modern anti tank weapons.


The Trophy Active Protection System is developed and produced by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems in Haifa, Israel. The system works by using multiple radars to detect and track incoming missiles and rockets and using various means to disrupt or destroy the munition before impact.

The Trophy can disorient incoming certain “smart” munitions by deploying smoke canisters or projecting electronic signal interference surges that disrupt homing and guidance systems. If the incoming munition cannot be disoriented because it is fire-and-forget like an RPG or a manually controlled fly-by-wire ATGM, the Trophy conducts a “counter fire” countermeasure that destroys the incoming project just before it hits the vehicle.

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has successfully used the system since they began deploying it on Merkava tanks in 2011. According to Rafael, the system is combat-proven, making multiple interceptions with no loss of life or injuries to crew members, with no significant damage to vehicles sustained.

After President Obama’s disastrous policy to arm-and-equip Syrian rebel groups, the Middle East has been flooded with untraceable anti tank guided missiles, which put our forward deployed troops at much greater risk. The Trophy will be a much-welcomed addition to our fleet of ground vehicles.

The Army will begin fully testing the capabilities of the system starting May 2020 at Defender Europe, a massive international military exercise that will include approximately 40,000 troops across 10 different European countries.


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