Battlefield Moment: Determination And C4

first published on August 15, 2019 by

The following gif shows a true “Battlefield Moment” and demonstrates that, with enough determination and C4, anything is possible.

A sniper camped out well out range of doing anything productive for his squad observes one of his support class teammates driving an explosive laden jeep toward a contested domination point swarming with enemy armor.

battlefield moment

The sniper predicts that the demolition driver will get a “double” with two vehicles destroyed. However, as the driver trigger man bails, his vehicular weapon sails right of his intended targets.

He detonates the C4, but none of the enemy vehicles are destroyed or immobilized, although they have likely taken heavy damage. The support trooper runs frantically for cover behind thin-walled buildings as the now enraged tanks and light armored vehicles open fire on him. The sniper yells “Run Bro!”

Still in the fight, but out of C4, the player throws himself an ammo crate to restock his supply of plastic explosives before making another run at it. He moves in close, and the sniper compliments his bravery. “This guy has balls.”

The gamer knows he only has seconds before the buildings are demolished around him and he has nowhere to hide. He takes advantage of the smoke caused by his foe’s heavy firing and sprints in for the kill.

He runs to the side of the nearest light armored vehicle and sticks three blocks of boom boom to the side of the hull. The observing sniper realizes that the support gunner is about to martyr himself and says, “Don’t do it…” because he thinks his squamate could have escaped without killing himself.

It’s too late, however, the vehicles bursts into a fiery inferno and the support class assaulter has perished by his own hand. Classic Battlefield moment.


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