Cal Guard Rescue Wing Delivers Covid-19 Test Kits To

first published on March 6, 2020 by

The Cal Guard 129th Rescue Wing released a video showing the delivery of Covid-19 test kits to the Grand Princess cruise ship which has been anchored off the coast of California.

The ship and its 3,500 passengers haven’t been allowed to dock or disembark after a recent passenger had contracted and died of the Covid-19 coronavirus. The passengers have been confined to their rooms since Thursday, and crew members have been delivering food and supplies to the rooms while wearing limited protective equipment.

From the video it doesn’t appear that the Cal Guard troops were wearing any kind of biological preventative or protective equipment, but they also do not appear to have come into close or direct contact with anyone from the ship.

It’s not clear how the ship’s crew received the test kits, or how they were instructed to utilize them. We won’t begin learning the results of the tests until later today at the earliest.

In addition to the previous voyage’s deceased passenger, an additional 35 passengers of that voyage are currently experiencing coronavirus symptoms. According to reports, 62 of the passengers from the Grand Princess’ previous voyage stayed on the ship for the current trip.


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