Chinese Police Department Receives 6 Cloned K-9s

first published on November 22, 2019 by

A Chinese police department in Beijing has just received six new working dogs, and they’re all clones of skilled, veteran police dogs.

beijing police department

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security ordered the animals from a local pet-cloning company, and used two of their best Belgian Malinois police dogs as DNA donors. The new pups are over 99% the same animal as their donors.

Beijing’s Police Dog Precision Breeding Core Technology Research Program aims to produce quality working animals in a shorter amount of time with less training hiccups. By cloning established successful dogs, the department eliminates the gamble of wasting time on an untrainable or genetically inferior animal.

Cloned dogs have very similar personality traits as the donor animals and can be trained using the same techniques. An article on CBS News claimed the animals also mature months faster than non cloned canines.


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