Incredible D-Day Audio Recordings Found In Log Cabin

first published on October 9, 2019 by

In 1994, a man named Bruce Campbell bought a log cabin in New York, and as he was cleaning it up, he found all sorts of old “junk.”

log cabin

Among the various abandoned possessions of the previous owner, Campbell found several rolls of obsolete audio tape, for which he had no way of hearing the recorded content. He bagged them up and set them aside to explore at a later date.

For 15 years he left them stored and nearly forgotten. Then, one day he got in touch with an electrical engineer and antique audio machinery technician, and that is when he realized what he had.

As it turns out Campbell had been in possession of priceless master recordings of the D-Day landing commentated by correspondent George Hicks aboard the USS Ancon. Hicks was working for Blue Network, ABC’s predecessor.

Although these soundbites had been available to the public for decades, Campbell had actually found the original recordings from Hicks’ Recordgraph. Campbell promptly donated the tapes to the Bedford, Virginia National D-Day Memorial.

The following video contains the 13 minute audio segment that will make your hair stand up.


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