Drunk Polish Man Takes T-55 Tank On Joyride Through Town

first published on October 11, 2019 by

Polish police responded to reports of a Soviet-era army tank erratically driving through the streets of Pajeczno.


By the time they made it to the scene, they found the T-55 parked in the street and the perpetrators, two extremely drunk men, near the vicinity.

A quick investigation and interrogation of the suspects discovered that the man who recklessly drove the tank was hired to transport it on a flatbed trailer behind a truck. However, during the journey, the trailer developed a mechanical issue and had to be fixed before it could be moved.

The driver took refuge in a local bar while the trailer was being fixed by a local mechanic, and drank himself to the point of thinking that driving the Soviet T-55 around would be a good idea. He was undoubtedly pressured by the equally inebriated townsfolk wanting a ride.

The driver was arrested and could face anywhere from two to eight years in jail for driving under the influence and public endangerment.


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