“Fall Guys” Is The Break You Need From Shooters

first published on August 19, 2020 by

Little pills, beans, and furries grabbing each other, jumping over obstacles, and vying for the top-crown is taking gaming by storm. Fall Guys is the type of game that develops a cult following, and you should absolutely be playing it.

Welcome to Bean-Town

Released in early August for free on Playstation 4 (with Playstation Plus) , Fall Guys immediately caught a strong tailwind and took over everyone’s break-away slot from their ‘main game’. Fans of shooter games always have that ‘top’ spot. This is the game that you go back to day after day to grind. For many of us that daily grind gets mentally, and in some cases physically, taxing. That’s where Fall Guys comes in.¬†Fall Guys is complex in its simplicity, and the required mental effort to play the game is really up to you.

Simplicity and Complexity

The map structures are both simple and complex, which lends to a general elegance of the game. You can run a typical Fall Guys game in the short time you have between Warzone matches, or you can strategize your routes using maps that are already popping up online and spend hours testing new ones. Fall Guys really is what you put into it, and ultimately you’ll get a load of fun out of it. In-game skins and items add a bit of personality to your bean. You can be a prickly cactus or a duck, and have striped skin or heart-dotted underwear. There are lots of combinations of skins through both in-game currency and real-money purchase. The rag-doll physics are pretty good, though they can be a bit buggy at times. Jump here, dive there, and that’s about it. That’s also where the simplicity ends. You can stop here if you’re just looking for a break-away.

Fall Guys starts to get pretty complex when it comes to strategy. Mastering maps like Tip Toes, which requires differing levels of memory and fleet of foot. It takes time and patience to get it right. You can make it through just by following everyone, but some of us out there prefer to have our strategy down way ahead of time. You’ll have to decide whether to take the shortcut on Slime Time. If you choose wrong by forgetting to account for how many are taking the same shortcut, you’re back where you started.

Fall Guys Future

Fall Guys is currently only available on Playstation 4 and PC. Although available on Playstation 4, it doesn’t currently support cross-platform play. The developer, Mediatonic, has said that they would love to expand to other gaming platforms.¬†They just don’t have plans to, or they haven’t made them public. Many players are asking for localized split screen, though the developer has been mum about whether that would be available in the future. I spent hours with the Mrs. just trying to qualify together.

You can team up with buddies through your Steam or Playstation friends list, break away from that shooter, and clear your mind. Some kid is waiting for you around a corner in your next raid or match, let them wait a little longer.


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