First Female Expected To Earn Green Beret In Coming Weeks

first published on February 26, 2020 by

The first female ever is expected to earn her Green Beret in the coming weeks, according to an article on Army Times.


The Department of Defense opened all combat positions across the branches to women in 2016, and as of November, only three women had graduated the 24-day Special Forces Assessment and Selection course, and none had finished the year-long Q-Course.

Although the unnamed female has not yet graduated, based on the curriculum it’s almost guaranteed that she will. She is an enlisted National Guard soldier that is on track to become an 18C, or Special Forces engineer sergeant.


Recently, the Q-Course has been “optimized” and shortened. The leadership felt that certain content, like foreign language classes, were often times not relevant to where that soldier may end up, and therefore a waste of time. Additionally, due to unprecedented OpTempo, special operations troops needed to be kept deployable, rather than filling instructor roles for extraneous subject matter.

At least one Green Beret instructor anonymously criticized the reconfiguration of the Q-Course, saying it was done intentionally to make it easier for women to graduate. According to Army Special Forces leadership, no part of the 24-day selection course has been altered.


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