Be Alarmed, There’s A 007 Goldeneye Multiplayer PC Port (Almost)

first published on August 19, 2020 by

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been awaiting a chance to try my hand at Goldeneye on PC. I was a one-man wrecking potato on N64. Today I’m a slightly more accomplished potato on Goldeneye PC.

The ‘Golden[gun]’ Age

For me, Goldeneye was an introduction to first-person shooter (FPS) games. I spent hours with family on 2×2 split screen. Those were the days. Someone always got the one controller that didn’t quite have a working joystick, someone’s trigger button was sticky from the fifth can of ‘Surge’ that got spilled on it. But that didn’t matter. We were killers. Goldeneye’s strength was in its ability to put you in the shoes of what we all wanted to be; a Secret (the secret-est) agent, 007. Its weakness was, well, that it didn’t give you an opportunity to play against other random nerds. Today that changes for you.


Searching online for nostalgic games to play, I came across a source download for some portions of Goldeneye’s multiplayer game mode. I haven’t yet found a PC port for the award-winning campaign, but I’ll be actively searching for that now that I’ve gotten teased by the multiplayer action. The multiplayer source has had a bit of a resolution upgrade, given that the original game was designed for much smaller screens. The controls feel clunky for keyboard and mouse, but they’re nearly identical to CS: Global Offensive. Still clunky.

You can choose to play as all your favorite spies and bad guys, and a lot of the original guns are available for use in a variety of game modes. The player base is a bit small (hoping this will change that), so you’ll have to navigate through the servers to find one that’s filled enough to get some action. Hit registration is terrible, movement is cumbersome, and lord help you if you try and point-fire anyone. It’s nearly perfect. There are rumors about as recent as 2019 on a full re-make.

I just want more. Gib mor.


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