GTA Online Casino Update Banned In Over 50 Countries

first published on July 25, 2019 by

GTA Online’s newest DLC, Diamond Casino, has already been banned in 54 countries, with more likely to follow suit on the premise that the update constitutes online gambling.

GTA Online

Many users across the globe are able to download and access the Diamond Casino and Resort, but are blocked from purchasing betting chips and other gambling-related features.

Although the chips are technically “fake money,” they are purchased with real currency transactions. The update comes at a time when legal discussions across the world are trying to define and regulate whether purchasing ‘loot crates‘ and other purchasable chance features is considered gambling.

If anything is going to be the tipping point in all-out banning or much stricter regulations concerning micro transactions, it’s likely to be this GTA Online update.

Many users have reported that they are able to simply bypass the restrictions through VPNs, however, they subject themselves to their nation’s gambling laws that the blocks were there to protect them from.


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