How Hollywood Stuntmen Light Themselves On Fire

first published on August 24, 2019 by

Ever wonder how Hollywood stuntmen light themselves on fire? Watch this entertaining video and you’ll know.


Stunts in which a person is set on fire are incredibly dangerous, obviously. Those setting up the stunt need to focus their attention on every minute detail during the planning and setup, or they’d literally be killing someone.

The stuntmen themselves are often wrapped in several layers or fire retardant clothing and also wear heavy gloves and a hood. It is usually pretty easy to spot these additional garments in most stunt scenes.

The crazy stunt person is then glazed in a specially formulated flammable gel, that has a controlled burn rate.

Inside the hood a small oxygen tank is placed with a breathing apparatus. The oxygen and breathing device is necessary for a couple of reasons. First, the fire is going to combust all available oxygen near the performer’s face. Additionally, the burning gel is going to release harmful and scorching hot fumes that would inflict serious damage on the person’s lungs.

In order to film the scene with relative safety, a whole group of support personnel need to be waiting off camera, yet very close by with fire extinguishers and burn-related medical equipment, should the stunt take a bad turn.


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