Marine Corps Eyeing Modular Stackable Hand Grenade

first published on September 26, 2019 by

The United States Marine Corps is considering fielding a new modular, stackable hand grenade to boost their offensive capabilities on the battlefield.

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The MK21 Mod0 is manufactured by the Norwegian defense tech company Nammo (Nordic Ammunition Company), who also builds the Marine’s M72 LAW anti tank rocket launcher.

The modular hand grenade is designed to stack up to three base units together to increase explosive depending on the mission at hand.

Rather than relying on fragmentation to kill or maim like standard grenades, the MK21 Mod0 relies on concussive blast, which Nammo claims will reduce collateral damage thereby increasing offensive capabilities of Marine infantry units.

According to an article on Marine Corps Times, the modular grenade system will be used as follows:

-A base grenade will cause concussions if a Marine tosses it into a room.
-Two connected base grenades will provide 261 grains of explosives and “will kill anything in a room”.
-Three grenade bases will produce 391 grains of explosives and can be used to destroy structures.

Marine Spokesman Maj. Joshua Benson claimed the USMC is “interested in pursuing” Nammo’s MK21 Mod0, but no contracts or orders have been made as of this time.


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