The Military is Actually an Anime – Change My Mind

first published on June 12, 2019 by

A veteran author who goes by the name “Tripp” has released a challenge for people to change his mind about the military actually being an anime, and we can’t disagree with him.


A former Marine Corps combat cameraman turned author released a video today that speaks nothing but truth. During a first ever selfie video filmed by a veteran outside the confines of a pickup truck, the Marine-turned-author pitches the argument that the military is in fact nothing more than a real-life anime. After reviewing the facts presented in the video, we have come to the conclusion that we cannot refute any of the evidence he presents therefore his argument stands as truth.

If you would like to learn more about the author, you can check out his first book published on Amazon here. The author leaves little information about himself at the ready, but in the about the author section of his page on Amazon the following paragraph can be found.

“Tripp, who sexually identifies as an American twin-engine attack helicopter, was genetically engineered in a laboratory in Florida. He cut himself from the womb with a rotary blade so he could put veteran’s day on his birth certificate and forever have the day off work. He then ran away to be raised by badgers at the gates of Tartarus. After living by the mantra “If it bleeds, we can kill it,” and watching the Battle of Fallujah on TV he promptly joined the Marine Corps as a combat cameraman so he could steal the souls of those killed by the Marines he was with. He deployed to Afghanistan with 2/7 and ¾ in ’08, and ’09-’10 respectively, then went on a couple of MEUs so he could drink on the ocean and anger sailors by calling their ship a “boat.” Tripp spent his decade in the Corps drinking rum, crushing the hopes and dreams of mortals, and chain smoking. He has multiple awards for books he hasn’t even written, once deadlifted a battleship, outwitted a sphinx, knows Vicky’s secret (it’s that she has a penis), is an award winning photographer, and at all times has been the best guitar player in the barracks. Did I mention he’s handsome and has a glorious mustache? He’s a great storyteller, specializing in fairytales and bullsh*t. About the only thing he doesn’t have is a TV show based on his books (looking at you Netflix.) He hopes that you enjoyed this book, but if you didn’t it doesn’t matter. He already has your money and is currently spending in on strippers, cigarettes, and alcohol.”


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