New Military Laser Can Transmit Voice Commands Into Your Head

first published on September 17, 2019 by

The Pentagon is currently developing a laser that can transmit voices and other sound files to people, even at great distances.


The interesting technology may serve a number of purposes. Command and control aircraft or ground vehicles could use it to beam realtime commands to frontline warfighters, or the tech could be used to transmit ear-punishing sounds to disperse mobs and riots.

The laser technology was developed through the US military’s Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program (JNLWD) and works by producing a Laser-Induced Plasma Effect that literally alters atoms to create sounds and light.

The system works by first, firing a burst of focused light for 10−15 seconds, which rips electrons from air molecules to create a ball of plasma. Then that plasma is hit with a nanolaser, beaming a narrow range of wavelengths that change the plasma field into projected light and noise.


As of now, the laser can only be used on line-of-sight targets, meaning it is not effective through solid barriers, and the sound clarity is still lacking. However, the military researchers are confident they’ll have a polished, fieldable array of laser weapons and communication systems within the next three years.

The following video is over a year old and shows the system beaming light and various audio clips, to include what sounds like muffled radio chatter.


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