Military Strategy Game Giveaway for The Funkers

first published on July 22, 2020 by

We have partnered with Conflict of Nations to give you an exclusive gift for newly registering with the game!

Quick Start Guide

Play Conflict of Nations via following link to receive your gift:

This starter pack sets you up for success on the modern battlefield, and contains premium items. Use Gold to instantly accelerate your weapons research and unit mobilization. Benefit from the multiple gameplay enhancing features of the Security Council. The starter pack includes:

This gift will be available from today until July 31st at the end of the day.

IMPORTANT: This giveaway is only valid for new and unregistered players. Starter pack will automatically be credited after successfully finishing the tutorial.

About Conflict of Nations

In the 21st century, mankind once again stands on the brink of all-out war. A new arms race has begun, and tensions are rising. The world’s future lies in the hands of a few military masterminds.

In these trying times, our nation looks to you for guidance. Will you favor diplomacy over deadly force? Will you forge strong alliances for a shared, prosperous future? Or can peace only be achieved through global domination?

We are awaiting your orders, commander.

Long Term Strategy Game

Prove your worth in multiplayer matches that can last anywhere from days to weeks. Plan multi-layered attacks, lead joint strike forces, and set up cooperative defenses, while the battlefield evolves day by day. From infiltration missions deep behind enemy lines, to the mobilization of entire fleets, you control every aspect of the battlefield.

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