Paratrooper Uses Electrical Cord As Improvised Tourniquet, Saves Gunshot Victim’s Life

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An 82nd Airborne paratrooper ran towards the sound of gunfire and ended up saving a man’s life by improvising a tourniquet from a power tool electrical cord in Fayetteville, NC, on Nov. 30, 2019.


Private First Class Patrick Montgomery, a grunt of 2nd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, was at a gas station near Ft. Bragg when he heard several shots. He approached the scene to investigate and see if he could be of help.

He saw a local pawnshop with its windows shot out. He poked his head inside and saw a pool of blood.

“I then asked if anyone needed help, which is when I saw the owner pop his head up and collapse,” Montgomery said in an Army Times article. “I immediately broke more glass so I could fit in the door and ran to behind the counter, which is where I saw the owner bleeding out, clearly shot in his lower leg.”

Montgomery acted quickly, grabbing a power tool from a nearby shelf and using the electrical cord as an improvised tourniquet. He was able to stop the bleeding and kept the victim awake until paramedics arrived by talking to him and asking him to describe the shooter.

“…The EMTs … later told me that if I hadn’t put the tourniquet on when I did, he would have died … that I saved his life,” Montgomery said.

The following video shows Marines conducting standard military Combat Lifesaver (CLS) training with simulated instructor-induced stress. It is this kind of training that gave PFC Montgomery the tools to quickly assess the situation and save a man’s life.


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