“Quantum Stealth” Technology Can Make Troops, Tanks, And Buildings Disappear

first published on October 21, 2019 by

A new camouflage technology being called “Quantum Stealth” has the ability to conceal troops, tanks, and even hide buildings and other large objects.

quantum stealth

The camouflage technology is being heralded as an “invisibility cloak” and works by bending light around the intended object, which distorts its position or makes it disappear from visual perception entirely.

The inexpensive and paper thin material was developed by Canadian camouflage manufacturer Hyperstealth Biotechnology, who also developed Sitka’s popular Optifade hunting patterns. Hyperstealth Biotechnology has also developed multiple patterns being used by military’s across the world, including the US Navy SEALs, Mexican Marines, and the Afghan National Army.

If adopted by the military, the Quantum Stealth material could be used to conceal artillery and mortar positions from enemy reconnaissance patrols and forward observers. Large panels could be placed over parked aircraft to hide their numbers from aerial drones. The material could also be placed around gunner hatches of combat vehicles to mitigate the effectiveness of snipers in urban areas.


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