Ring of Elysium Update is Worth Another Look

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The F2P battle royale title, Ring of Elysium, just received a major update, so I decided to give the game another shot. As an avid PUBG player, I have to say that I’m very impressed.

When I initially played ROE last year, I found the overall mechanics of the game very disappointing compared to PUBG. The gunplay felt very weak, zone rotations were frustrating, and overall performance made it a chore to play. But after hearing about the latest update which introduced the new Ashen Eye game mode, I decided to give it another chance and stream it live for my first impression.

In this new game mode, A volcanic eruption filled Europa Island with deadly sulfur dioxide. Adventurers must scavenge enough oxygen resources and enter the “Ashen Eye” to fight for their escape. Players constantly chase the eye of the storm where there is safe oxygen to breathe. If you are outside of the eye, your oxygen tanks slowly deplete so you are constantly on the hunt for other players to steal their tanks. You win the game by being the last player alive, or surviving for 2 minutes and 30 seconds in the safe zone consecutively as the player holding the highest amount of oxygen.

The question I get asked most often is, “How does it compare to PUBG?” My answer is always, “Play PUBG if you want a higher stress competitive experience, and play ROE if you want to have fun and relaxing games.” An average game of PUBG lasts from 23-30 minutes on average, while the new Ashen Eye games in ROE last between 8-15 minutes. This means that if you die late game, you aren’t feeling completely frustrated that you just wasted 28 minutes; you’re back in the lobby with the possibility of winning again within 10 minutes.

The gunplay seems to have been improved since I had last played, and the recoil system can be compared to a nerfed version of PUBG. You still have to pull down to keep recoil under control, but it’s about 50% of what you experience with any PUBG weapon. Once again, this makes for more casual and relaxing game play.

The other feature that makes ROE very enjoyable to play, is the auto-attachment system, which intelligently decides which attachments should be placed on which weapons the instant you pick them up. This also means that if you swap one of your weapons for a new one on the ground, the attachments from the old weapon automatically swap to the new weapon.


Performance wise, the game runs decent. On medium graphic settings my 1080ti and 1950x Threadripper average 100-130fps while streaming and feels very smooth overall.

ROE also received a DirectX 12 update in the recent patch, which makes the game look absolutely gorgeous. The rain and storm scenes are some of the best I’ve seen in any game, and provide a very cool contrast to the vivid colors of the lush island setting.

I’m going to be keeping a close eye on the progression of ROE, and continue to use it as a relaxing alternative to PUBG, or when the PUBG servers are running like hot garbage.


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