Arma 3 Game Clip Presented as Authentic Syrian Footage

first published on May 10, 2019 by

A Russian State TV channel presented footage from the Arma 3 computer game as authentic Syrian War content.

Channel One TV’s weekly show Voskresnoye Vremya (Sunday Time) ran a special to honor veterans and currently serving members of the Russian military. During an action sequence of legitimate archival war footage, a clip from the internationally popular “combat simulator” Arma 3 was used showing gun cam footage of a vehicle being fired upon and destroyed.

Channel One later said that the computer generated footage was in their archives from a previous story on video games. They stated that the video editing director had mistaken the footage as legitimate.

Others have suggested that the false footage was used on purpose, as the main viewership of the program consists of 40-50 year-old men, who are not familiar with Arma 3 nor any other video games and would easily accept the footage as authentic.

This isn’t the first time a Russian media outlet used video game footage as legitimate Syrian War content. Late last year, the Russian Ministry of Defense posted footage from a cellphone game app called AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron, and the game recording was presented as “irrefutable proof” that the United States government was aiding the Islamic State.


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