New Russian Game “It’s Winter” Has No Missions, Just Bleak Existence

first published on August 6, 2019 by

A new Russian game lets you experience the bleak existence of living in a suburban Russian tower block apartment, while offering no missions to complete or ways to level up.

Although there are no missions, players can make eggs, listen to depressing radio broadcasts, and take pills. Of course, there is a rug hung on the wall.

The game’s description states that, “Panel houses, snow, overcast sky, tiny kitchen, shabby staircase… It’s Winter is an indie game whose genre could be classified as sandbox, post-soviet, sad 3D, Russian sadness.”

“Nothing awaits you: There is no chance to get out, no room for adventures and breathtaking plot. Just a broken radio, refrigerator filled with food, loneliness and endless snow.”

The game, which is for sale on Steam for $9.99, has been a relative success. It has over a hundred reviews, almost all of which are positive.

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The success of the odd title suggests there may be more than a niche market for games that focus on atmosphere, ambience, and sentiments rather than objective-based gameplay.

The following gameplay review video is presented by an actual Russian, YouTuber NFKRZ, for authentic verification of the dreary game content. Beware, the video has crude language.


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