SJW’s Outraged Over Willie Pete Use In New COD

first published on August 18, 2019 by

In a game where you are praised for killing other human looking and human controlled players, SJW’s have decided to take aim at the ability to use white phosphorus to do so in the latest Call of Duty game.

The gaming site VG247 reported that critics were complaining that that the use of Willie Pete (as it is more affectionately known by those on the sending end) set a dangerous precedent for encouraging the use of weapons that are illegal in war.

Never mind the fact that kill streaks in previous games consisted of nuclear weapons, and that every second you’re in the game you’re either trying to stab, shoot, or explode other human players.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward says having White Phosphorous as a killstreak has nothing to do with single-player’s push for realism, as to defend themselves from claims that they support the use of WP for offensive purposes.

WP is currently used across battlefields globally, primarily for terrain denial to the enemy and smoke screens, but of course, being that it’s white phosphorus, it’s not going to feel great if you get to close to it or get it on your clothing and skin.

In addition to its offensive capabilities, white phosphorus is a highly efficient smoke-producing agent, which burns quickly and produces an immediate blanket of smoke. As a result, smoke-producing white phosphorus munitions are very common, particularly as smoke grenades for infantry, loaded in grenade launchers on tanks and other armored vehicles, as part of the ammunition allotment for artillery or mortars and as payload of incendiary cluster bombs. These create smoke screens to mask friendly forces’ movement, position, infrared signatures, or shooting positions.

“For us it really kinda came out of the old EMP killstreak,” multiplayer design director Geoff Smith explained. “It’s really hard to convey this electromagnetic pulse that disrupts maybe your HUD. So it wasn’t like a set change or a mood change, the stakes had changed for us.”

Below is a video of WP being used for “terrain denial” against IS in Raqqa in 2017.


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