SOCOM May Begin Trialing K-9 Worn Facial Recognition Cameras

first published on December 3, 2019 by

A successful tech startup company may be working with SOCOM to outfit working dogs with body-worn facial recognition cameras.

Hawkeye Systems, and their Radiant Images division, are known in the tech industry for being light years ahead of their competitors, especially in the 3D and VR realm. Their Smart AI Enabled Camera Systems are being used with stunning results by Hollywood as well as NASA.

According to Corby Marshall, Hawkeye Systems’ CEO, they have demonstrated their wearable cameras for Special Operations Command on multiple instances, and apparently SOCOM was impressed.


Based on the available reports, Hawkeye Systems doesn’t actually make the cameras, but instead develops software that can take a 720p HD video and increase its resolution quality to 4K or even 8K by using multiple lenses and artificial intelligence to interpret data from physical, biometric, and chemical sensors housed within the camera systems.


While Hawkeye Systems’ impressive technology could be used with great benefit in many military ISR applications, they are hoping to get the ball rolling with K-9 worn smart cameras that will be able to scan crowds for HVTs with results in realtime. Operators will be able to send fitted working dogs into an area and get immediate 360 degree high resolution imagery without ever having to expose themselves to the danger area.

The following training video shows how working dogs are implemented in the theater of operations.


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