US Soldier In South Korea Diagnosed With Coronavirus

first published on February 26, 2020 by

A US soldier stationed in Korea has tested positive for coronavirus and has been placed in self quarantine in his off-post residence.


The infected soldier is the first US service member to be diagnosed with COVID-19. The soldier is stationed at Camp Carroll near the city of Daegu, where most of South Korea’s 1,146 confirmed coronavirus cases are concentrated.

US bases in South Korea have enacted strict protocol measures to mitigate the transmission of the virus. On-post schools have canceled classes and off-post travel is being restricted to essential movement only. There are nearly 30,000 US troops stationed in South Korea.

With the virus popping up in countries all across the globe, it’s likely that the coronavirus threat will soon be labeled a pandemic. An American Center For Disease Control (CDC) official has warned of severe disruptions in everyday lives in the USA. She claims that it’s not a matter of “if,” but “when.”


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