Sunken US WWII Submarine Found After 75 Years

first published on November 12, 2019 by

An American submarine that was sunk in WWII off the coast of Japan has just been discovered after 75 years.


The USS Grayback was sunk on its tenth patrol by a Japanese Nakajima b5N carrier bomber on Feb. 26, 1944, and all 80 US sailors aboard perished.

The sub was found by the Lost 52 Project, and organization that searches exclusively for missing war submarines. The organization discovered the USS Grayback at a depth of more than 1,400 feet (430 m), approximately 50 miles south of Okinawa back in June, but only released the discovery now after confirming the vessel. This is now the 5th WWII Submarine the Lost 52 Project has discovered.

The US Navy lost 52 subs in WWII, which is how the discovering agency got its name. The Navy kept logs of locations where they believed the subs were lost, but had incorrectly translated a Japanese record of the engagement, thereby throwing the coordinates off significantly.

The USS Grayback is rated the 20th most successful submarine of WWII, earning two Navy commendations and eight battle stars. When the vessel was sunk, it was actually returning to Pearl Harbor with only two torpedoes remaining after it had pulverized a Japanese ship convoy.


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