SEALs Now Under Strict Enforcement Of Standards Policy

first published on August 27, 2019 by

After years of alleged misconduct incidents, the US Navy is finally shortening the leash on their special warfare units with a new policy to enforce strict standards.


The new policy will focus on basic Navy grooming standards (haircuts and baby smooth shaves), immaculate uniform wear and appearance, all while adhering to traditional Navy customs and ceremonies. The standards will be enforced by weekly inspections of living quarters, uniforms, and training operations.

The Navy is intending to improve personal and professional conduct, restore ethics, and produce better, more accountable leadership. Those not adhering to the escalated standards will be disciplined, and so will their leaders.

Naval Special Warfare commander Rear Adm. Collin Green said the SEALs have “drifted from our Navy core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment” and an ethos “due to a lack of action at all levels of Leadership.”

“We are U.S. Naval Officers and Sailors first and foremost and we will realign ourselves to these standards immediately,” Green said.

Back in July, a platoon from SEAL Team 7 was been kicked out of Iraq after a series of allegations arose, stemming from a prohibited July 4th booze party. SEALs have been regularly linked to, and investigated for, significant infractions to include drug use, murder, and sex crimes, among others.


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