Toy Company Obliviously Creates “Blue Falcon” Military Action Figure

first published on October 4, 2019 by

A toy company has, without knowing the significance, created the “Blue Falcon” military action figure as part of a series of 1:18 scale premium format figures, and we’ve obtained video of him in action.

blue falcon

The Italy based toy company Joy Toy depicts the highly detailed Blue Falcon as a member of the esteemed “US Army Airborne Division,” which is implying the dog and pony show that is the 82nd Airborne Division, a unit rife with Blue Falcons.

For any civilian readers not understanding the weight of the nomenclature, a Blue Falcon is a military euphemism for Buddy Fu##er, a fellow comrade that regularly screws over his platoon mates. Sometimes the “BF” does it to gain favor with those in leadership positions, and other times it’s simply because they’re a useless idiot whose public displays of incompetence gets privileges taken away from everyone.

In garrison, a Blue Falcon will borrow your car, wreck it, and not pay you for the damages. In the field, he’ll lose his night vision goggles the day before you we’re supposed to have a four day weekend. On deployment, he’ll fall asleep on guard duty, allowing the enemy to sneak into the perimeter and turn your claymores backwards.

Below is video of the Blue Falcon demonstrating his signature “Backblast” maneuver on an unsuspecting target.


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