Types Of Storm Area 51 Invaders: Which One Are You?

first published on July 21, 2019 by

Veteran Youtube personality Yusha Thomas gives his take on the Storm Area 51 hysteria overtaking the internet, and it’s worth the watch.

storm area

We’re aware of the Karens, Kyles, Furries, and Naruto Runners all currently planning to storm the heavily defended gates to clap alien cheeks. Now Yusha is laying out a few more types to watch for.

First, you have the dude selling food. He’s an entrepreneur just there to make a buck.

Then, you have the gun-toting, self-proclaimed point man who is full of piss and vinegar until the bullets start flying. It’s too late by the time he realizes his poverty pony budget build AR-15 isn’t going to do much against miniguns and crowd dispersal tech that makes you crap your pants.

The spectator is probably the one we can all relate to. If these dummies are really going to attempt it, we want to see the carnage.

The veteran (that isn’t all there), is likely a peace time, or Cold War vet that trained his ass off for years, but never got to pull the trigger in hostilities, and he’s dwelled on it ever since. Now is his time to shine (all fat and out of shape).

Then you have “T” probably referring to your average Trumptard and his Walmart brand patriotism. He’s fired up on whatever was oozing out of Fox News earlier in the day and just wants the illegal aliens sent back to where they came from.

Next on the list is the “Am I Being Detained?” libertarian wannabe. He knows he has rights, but he doesn’t actually know what those rights are.


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