US Space Command To Be Activated On 29 August

first published on August 21, 2019 by

The Pentagon will officially stand up the US Space Command on 29 August 2019 and will be the first combatant command to be stood up since the 2009 activation of AFRICOM.

space command

SPACECOM will be headed by Gen. Jay Raymond, and will initially consist of 87 units, manned by over 600 troops. Those units’ roles will cover down on tasks like missile warning, satellite operations, space control, and space support, according to outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joe Dunford, who spoke at a National Space Council meeting on Tuesday.

Most of the personnel that will be operating Space Command will be pulled from existing units in STRATCOM.

“My first priority will be to ensure the seamless transition of the command and control of critical space capabilities that the nation and the joint force depend on each and every day. Simultaneously we need to ensure we take steps to strengthen readiness and lethality as we complete our shift from a permissive environment to a posture for warfighting,” Gen. Raymond said.

SPACECOM may be a letdown to some, as we were promised a completely separate branch of military… the Space Force. Yet, according to Gen. Dunford, Space Force is still on its way, and Space Command is just a necessary step in laying the groundwork for the inevitable new branch.

“This initiative is going to have a positive impact on our ability to grow the people and capabilities that we’re going to need in the future,” Dunford said in a Defense News article. “The direction is clear. We understand it. And we’re moving out.”


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