Used Game Shop Discovers $13,000 Collectable In Bag Of Junk NES Trade-Ins

first published on August 13, 2019 by

An unnamed man entered Pink Gorilla Games in Seattle with a grocery bag filled with old Nintendo cartridge games he was hoping to sell for a couple bucks.


As the store’s associate was going through the titles, he found nothing remarkable… at first. Then, he grabs a game titled, Nintendo World Championships 1990, which if authentic, would be an extremely rare and profitable find, because there are less than 200 copies thought to be in existence.

The experienced store manager didn’t get excited right away, because he knew there have been thousands of reproduction cartridges made that are not worth nearly as much. However, the game was heavy, which indicated that it may be the real deal. They were able to confirm its authenticity after opening it up and examining the contents.

Depending on the buyer, the game could easily sell for tens of thousands of dollars. The shopkeeper knew that he could have gotten the game from the seller for a couple bucks, but his integrity prevailed. He offered the man $13,000 and the deal was sealed.

Pink Gorilla Games was then able to resell the game for an undisclosed amount within 24 hours, which shows how sought-after these nostalgic treasures are.


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