Veteran Profiles: Army Scout Turns Pro Twitch TV Broadcaster

first published on June 29, 2019 by

Aethos19D is a US Army combat veteran who has turned his hobby of entertaining, and gaming into a full-time career on Twitch.TV.

In today’s world there are unlimited possibilities for self-employment. It’s the dream of many to work for themselves, and make a living doing what they love. This brand new segment, that I’m calling Veteran Profiles, is centered on self-employed veterans who are doing strong work.

Aethos19D is a 26 year old combat veteran whose ambition, strong sense of humor, and personal drive has enabled him to break into the video game live-streaming business on twitch TV.

Aethos twitch

The 26 year old native of Colorado joined the Army in January of 2007. He conducted two combat deployments (OIF/OEF) over the course of his 8 year enlistment as a Cavalry Scout. He ended his enlistment as a Sergeant, and was medically discharged due to complications with his back and hips.

Towards the end of his last enlistment, he picked up live streaming. Initially he had only tried as a hobby for a few weeks and had to give it up due to his hectic schedule. As his ETS came closer, and he found himself with more spare time, he picked the hobby back up and immediately started gaining traction within the Twitch community.

Twitch Aethos

Today he live streams a lot of different games, but primarily focuses on titiles like Arma 3, and Elite: Dangerous. He has been building a solid community, that has attracted the attention of a lot of other like minded veterans. If you’re interested in tuning in, and watching some excellent game broadcasting. You can do so >>>>HERE<<<<


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