Video Game Has You Defend Europe From ISIS Invasion

first published on August 14, 2019 by

A video game produced by Destructive Creations will have you play the role of a NATO machine gunner defending Europe from an invading army of suicide vest-wearing Islamic State jihadists. The game is called “IS Defense” and is available >>>HERE<<<


The game itself doesn’t seem to have much depth beyond aiming and shooting. You fire various weapons from a static position at approaching militants and vehicles. Interestingly, U.S.-made up-armored Humvees with the black standard flag of jihad will be one of your main targets. The objective is to destroy the enemy before they can get close enough to kill you. It appears to be a modern remake of the game Beach Head.

While the gameplay may not be something to get worked up over, there are those that are finding the perfect opportunity to be offended. A Motherboard article portrayed the game as playable Islamaphobia. The article drew parallels to the current invasion…err… influx of Muslim refugees and immigrants into Europe and also tried connecting Destructive Creations’ CEO to the “Polish Defense League,” a nationalist group that intends to protect their country from radical Islam. With as much as these sensitive whiners like to remind us that ISIS is not representative of Islam, these “Islamaphobia” claims would seem contradictory.

The game “IS Defense” is available on Steam and could make for some cheap fun, blowing ISIS clowns away by the hundreds. Learn more about the game >>>HERE<<<


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