Video: New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete

first published on October 29, 2019 by

Yes, this is CGI, but it is also hilarious. A new Corridor video takes another shot at the incredible Boston Dynamic’s robot technology with a “Bosstown Dynamics” parody.


The motion capture, computer generated imagery is as impressive as it is funny. It’s made to show a defense technology testing range, where the robotic test subject undergoes various shooting drills, similar to an infantry small arms stress shoot range.

The militarized research contractors absolutely punish and abuse the poor robot, striking it with a hockey stick and knocking it over while it is trying to engage the targets.

Then it is put through a series of cringe-inducing target discrimination test, where the subject must engage the dummy while not hitting the live human, all while the research team continue to harass it.

Finally, the poor, battered droid is given instructions to execute a lower form of technology, a small dog type robot. The sentient composition of circuitry has had enough. He fires warning shots near the men and grabs the smaller bot, fleeing for freedom.


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