A-10 Warthog “Accidentally” Launches White Phosphorous Rocket Near Tucson

first published on September 6, 2019 by

An A-10C Thunderbolt II, more commonly referred to as the “Warthog,” reportedly fired a white phosphorous warhead tipped rocket near Tucson, Ariz. on Thursday.


According to reports, the M156 rocket impacted within the Jackal Military Operations Area, in a remote location where no bystanders were present. Reportedly, no structures were hit and no fires started.


The use of White Phosphorous, often called “Willy Pete” or “Willy P” is banned by many nations, as it can be considered a chemical weapon that burns hot and brightly. However, the US has not entered any treaties that ban the substance. The US uses White Phosphorous as a smoke munition for mortars, artillery, and air to ground munitions.

The Warthog that accidentally fired the munition is assigned to the 354th Fighter Squadron from the 355th Wing. The incident is still under investigation.

The following video is not from the event in question, but does show the A-10 in action.


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