Wife Of Soldier With Coronavirus Also Tests Positive

first published on March 2, 2020 by

The wife of the first and only soldier to test positive for coronavirus (Covid-19) has now also tested positive.


The soldier’s wife and their baby have been transported from the city of Daegu to an isolation unit at Camp Humphreys, where the infected soldier is currently being held. It is not clear at this time if the child is infected, as the soldier’s command team said it would not release any information regarding the baby without the parent’s consent.

The number of infected in South Korea has now exceeded 3,000 and is rapidly increasing. The city of Daegu has been the center of the recent outbreak in South Korea. The virus has now spread globally and has infected people on all continents except Antarctica.

The pandemic is significantly effecting military readiness and operations. Training exercises with the ROK Army have been cancelled around Korea. The US Army is also locking down bases in northern Italy, home to about 7,000 US troops. The number of infected in Italy has rapidly spiked to over 1,600.


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