YouTube Creators Revolt For Fairness and Transparency

first published on July 27, 2019 by

YouTube was once great. It gave the average world citizen the opportunity to create and share video content with the world to educate, inform, and entertain… and if they were good at it, they could make money doing it.


Those days are over. YouTube’s draconian censorship practices have regularly demonetized and deleted videos and entire channels, often without explanation or any apparent reason, beyond “violating community standards.” Those standards are ambiguous, often changing, and seem to not apply to giant media corporations that now dominate Youtube.

World Conflict Films had over 100,000 subscribers before the channel was suddenly terminated for content strikes on videos that had been on the channel for years. The channel was successful because users could see what was currently happening in global hotspots without having to actually visit the propaganda-filled social media accounts of extremist groups. The account was banned for uploading videos of “war,” yet CNN can take those exact same video clips, upload them with politically-biased drivel, and run ads over them for profit. Why the double standard? Why can only media giants inform the world of current events?

If you’ve wondered why Funker530 hasn’t uploaded any videos to our Youtube channel in recent years, it because we’ve been threatened with termination for the same reasons just addressed. We (all of us) would lose access to that entire archive of first-hand historical documentation from the Global War On Terror. Apparently combat veterans can’t tell their own stories of what happened, it must first pass through the mass media propaganda mill before the ignorant public can consume it.

Gun channels have been targeted especially for their content. They’re creating videos that are getting millions of views but can’t run ads on them because “guns are bad, m’kay.” The irony is that most of the successful gun channels are huge proponents of gun safety and education which is directly reflected in their educational and informative videos. This kind of censorship has led to the creation of websites like, where gun-related content creators can upload their videos to a platform monetized with gun-related ads, but the reach is nowhere near YouTube levels… because it’s not YouTube.

These policies have effected ordinary citizen video creators of all genres (gamers included), who are the exact type of people who made YouTube great in the first place. They are the “you” in YouTube, which is us. We want to see what they create because we can relate. I do not want to know what CNN has to say about anything, and that’s why I don’t have cable. CNN, and all televised news is exactly that, TV programming, and it should stay on television. If I cared what a Late Night TV host had to say about something, I would’ve watched the show, but I didn’t because I don’t.

The following video is hosted by Joerg Sprave, the German dude from the popular Slingshot Channel. He has joined forces with IG Metall, Europe’s largest trade union, to form the YouTuber’s Union to drive the FairTube campaign which wants fairly implemented, clear guidelines on YouTube concerning prohibited content and monetization, plus, allow the content creators to take a greater role in decisions pertaining to their work by allowing them to directly connect with Youtube staff.

They have given YouTube until 23 August 2019 to enter into negotiations.


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